Creating Smart Actionable Data Since 1997

The leaders of Vector97 have been operating a business to advocate for clients since 1997. The Company has focused on supporting clients to manage all aspects of their waste and recycling programs including data management, contractual term optimization, invoice auditing, sustainability strategy and waste reduction.

Actionable Data

Data gathered and packaged in the way our clients can make effective decisions.


Making good decisions requires clear visibility. Vector provides the clarity to guide effective decision making.


Based on the actionable data and visibility provided contractual, pricing and service efficiencies are created quickly and effectively.

Our Approach

Vector97 acts only in the interest of our clients

We gather client data

Upload the data into the proprietary Vector97 WMS 2.0 platform

Compare a myriad of data points to market parameters

Determine effective contractual terms

Create service and equipment configuration based on city and state ordinances

Evaluate the pricing using real market data

Manage the workflow on an ongoing basis to ensure your services and pricing remain consistent

Provide reporting to allow our clients to easily make smart and actionable decisions with high impact

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